Friday, February 1, 2008

Book Review: Windows Vista Annoyances

I posted the review for the book "Windows Vista Annoyances" yesterday on IT Book Zone. Having purchased a new Vista laptop for my daughter, this book was timely.

In the "How To Use This Book" section, the author says "Windows Vista Annoyances" is not documentation; you can get that anywhere. Rather, it's a unique and thorough collection of solutions, hacks and time-saving tips to help you get the most from your PC". That's exactly what you will get from reading this book.

Anyone having a Windows Vista PC will find this invaluable for its tips, solutions and hacks. You will also find plenty of information on setup, installation, upgrade from other Windows versions, security features, performance, troubleshooting, and many more.

David Karp, has given us a unique guide which not only discusses the annoyances of Vista and workarounds for the same, but this book also helps you improve your experience with Windows Vista.

To read the review, chapter wise you can take a look at the review on IT Book Zone.

  1. Windows Vista Annoyances on IT Book Zone


  1. Hi Meera,
    The Javalobby format has changed completely, right? I liked the star rating, the One Minute Review and the image on the right hand corner.

  2. Yes indeed. We have completely changed the format in Javalobby. And it's not just Javalobby anymore, it has been divided into many zones.