Saturday, November 29, 2008

Terror in India

The terror attacks in Mumbai(Bombay) have made me so sad and mad from the past 2 days. Having had holiday on both Thursday and Friday, and watching this ongoing fight live on CNN, has troubled me even more. Like they say "Picture says a thousand words", seeing the images brings tears into my eyes.

I just don't understand how these terrorists could just go off and kill all the innocent people. They even went into a Maternity and Childrens hospital, can you believe how cruel these terrorists are? What might be going on in their minds? How do they get such hatred toward people?

Reading all the online stories makes me even more sad. Just unbelievable. With more than 1 billion people, how do we suspect any one person of this motive?

Who is responsible for the bloodshed? Can anyone stop this bloodshed at all?

If there is God, I pray to him sincerely to put some common sense into the brains of all these terrorists.