Friday, September 8, 2017

Search Files and Copy to a Folder

It has been a herculean task creating, updating Visio since I got a Windows Virtual Machine from my company for my Mac. Sharing folders, the virtual machine crashing, copying back and forth, and the numerous folders I had were making things even worse.

So, I decided to keep all windows specific files in one single folder so it would be easy to share those specific folders and manage them. When I did a quick search for Visio files, found out over the years I had created literally 100's of them. You can imagine copying them one by one based on if I even need them or not.

Being a automation queen, I decided to use the same. A simple command run once, search all files and copy them. Hurray. Below is the command if you are looking for something similar.

msubbarao$ find . -name "*.vsd" -type f -exec cp {} /Users/msubbarao/Documents/development/visio-diagrams \;

Once this worked, I used the same for all my powerpoint and went a step ahead. 

Meera:~ msubbarao$ find . -name "*.ppt*" -type f -exec cp {} /Users/msubbarao/Documents/development/presentations \;

Now that I have this in my blog, I can revisit this commands and get anything copied in one simple command. Yay to technology!