Friday, November 20, 2009

Continuous Quality Using Sonar

The first time I looked at Sonar was almost an year ago. At that time, Sonar worked with just Maven and most clients I was working were using Ant. The other reason I didn't dig deeper into Sonar was because we already had written a Plug-in to generate a dashboard using FuseMetrics. You can read more about FuseMetrics and what it does and an article I wrote for Javalobby here.
Last week, one of my colleagues asked about Sonar, and that's when I decided to have another look. Sonar now has a Hudson plugin, and in just a few minutes I was able to download Sonar, install the Hudson plugin, make some changes within my project in Hudson, run a build. Within minutes, I was able to browse my project and look at the dashboard from within Sonar. Awesome.

Yes, it took just a few minutes. Of course, you should have Maven installed on your machine.

Sonar and Hudson are a perfect match if you are conscious about the quality of your code.

Stay tuned for a detailed post about Hudson and Sonar in a few days.

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