Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Clean Code : MUST Read Book

Just yesterday, I posted a brief review of Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship written by Robert C. Martin. at Javalobby.

What an amazing and interesting book it is. Around 4 weeks back, the book was at my front door when I came back from work. The next few weeks were quite hectic and I had no time to even open the book. Finally, two weeks back I decided to just browse the contents. I first read the foreword, which again is amazing. That was the beginning, I just couldn't stop.

This time since I hadn't signed up to review this book, I thought I should try a different format of writing the review. I mentioned 5 reasons why this book was worth reading, simple ones. And, later at the end summarized what I had learnt from this book. I guess it stuck a cord with the readers, and there were some good comments as well.

Take a look at the review, and try to get this book if you read or write code. Trust me it is worth the money and the time.

P.S: I sent an email to the publisher to find out who had shipped this book, and my contact at Pearson had sent the book. I did thank her profusely for sending this book along as well.

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