Monday, June 9, 2008

Hudson - Tips and Tricks

Hudson is an open source CI server that is by far the easiest one to configure. Second to ease of use is Hudson’s impressive plug-in framework, which makes it easy to add features. For instance, Hudson has a plug-in for tracking FindBugs issues, PMD issues, and CheckStyle issues over time as well as code coverage. It also trends test results from JUnit, as well as build results and corresponding execution times. In spite of all these cool features, we had to find ways to get around some common issues we faced at work using Hudson.

The article I wrote at my company's blog Test Early describes a few real-life tips and tricks that I have found at work and will assist in configuring Hudson to work most effectively in your environment as well:

  1. Changing Hudson home directory
  2. OutOfMemoryError
  3. Securing Hudson
  4. Hudson Views
  5. Hudson and Groovy
  6. Spaces in directory names
  7. Browser to use
If you are using Hudson, and need to know what these tips and tricks are check out the article at Test Early here.


  1. Hi,
    The link to TestEarly is broken. Please provide the right one as I am very curious to take a look at them.


  2. Hi Meera,

    This is a really nice blog you have created but i guess TestEarly is broken. Please enlighten us how to navigate to the right page.


  3. Hi Meera,
    Really good stuff, i am in RnD stage of Jenkins/hudsons, pls share ur new TestEarly site