Thursday, July 31, 2008

[cobertura-instrument] WARN visitEnd, No line number information found for class

Have you seen this warning earlier? I have used cobertura for many years now, and while working on this demo was frequently seeing this warning. The cobertura-report was displaying N/A for Line and Branch coverage.

When I switched back to my Mac, things were working smoothly, when I moved back to my Windows Vista laptop on which I was preparing for the demo, I was getting the same warning and no coverage results.

I tried to run the target from ant with verbose on and it displayed the warning message saying:

[cobertura-instrument] WARN visitEnd, No line number information found for class com.stelligent.demo.CustomerInfo.
Perhaps you need to compile with debug=true?
[cobertura-instrument] WARN visitEnd, No line number information found for class com.stelligent.demo.StringToDate.
Perhaps you need to compile with debug=true?

Looked at the javac task at the Ant website, added a few more options and it worked like a charm. I have no clue why this happens on Vista, is it because I am using Java 6 here and Mc uses Java 5? Go figure.

The changes I added was as such for the javac task:

debug="true" debuglevel="vars,lines,source"

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Windows Vista - Open Command Window Here

I have been working on Windows Vista machine to prepare for a demo which I was told needs Windows because the client was going to use Windows Live Meeting. So, no idea how to get this working on my Mac.

Anyway, each time I wanted to make sure my project works properly I had to open up a command window and go all the way to my project to run the build. This became frustrating and I looked at the "Windows Power Toys' and noticed that "Open Command Window Here" wouldn't work on Vista.

I accidentally was holding the shift key and also clicked the right mouse button, and viola magic happened. I was able to see the "Open Command Window Here" menu option with no additional downloads required.

Just click on this menu item and keep working. Isn't it neat. One nice thing about Vista.

P.S: I googled the same and found many had already blogged about the same as well. :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Visual Documentation of Ant Dependencies in 3 Simple Steps

Last Friday, I wrote a blog entry at about how to create visual representation of ant target dependencies using Grand and Vizant called "Visual Documentation of Ant Dependencies in 3 Simple Steps".

I was having trouble looking at build files generated automagically by one IDE. I like automation, but not which comes with magic. So, I tried using these two tools to generate the dot file and in turn open them using Graphviz. Graphviz is required to get the actual graph from this dot file which is generated by Grand and Vizant. Once you download and install Graphviz, you can run it as a standalone application and open these dot files generated as well.

Can you guess what IDE I was using? :)

Here is the link again for the blog at testearly:

1. Visual Documentation of Ant Dependencies in 3 simple steps.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

RESTful Web Services in 60 Seconds at Test Early

Just yesterday, I wrote a simple tutorial showing how easy it was to create, deploy and test RESTful web services using NetBeans IDE called "RESTful Web Services in 60 Seconds" at my company's blog Test Early.

I continued working on the same and was also able to quickly generate web services for the domain classes I had within my project. This was even more simple with all the CRUD services as well as relationships available in a few seconds as shown below:

Shown below is all the resource and converter classes generated by the IDE.

I was however disappointed that this same operation isn't available when you have a grails project. It would have been easier to right click on all your domain classes and say "generate REST web services" and it would create by default the REST Controller and the changes needed within the URLMappings.groovy class.

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