Thursday, July 24, 2008

RESTful Web Services in 60 Seconds at Test Early

Just yesterday, I wrote a simple tutorial showing how easy it was to create, deploy and test RESTful web services using NetBeans IDE called "RESTful Web Services in 60 Seconds" at my company's blog Test Early.

I continued working on the same and was also able to quickly generate web services for the domain classes I had within my project. This was even more simple with all the CRUD services as well as relationships available in a few seconds as shown below:

Shown below is all the resource and converter classes generated by the IDE.

I was however disappointed that this same operation isn't available when you have a grails project. It would have been easier to right click on all your domain classes and say "generate REST web services" and it would create by default the REST Controller and the changes needed within the URLMappings.groovy class.

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