Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Windows Vista - Open Command Window Here

I have been working on Windows Vista machine to prepare for a demo which I was told needs Windows because the client was going to use Windows Live Meeting. So, no idea how to get this working on my Mac.

Anyway, each time I wanted to make sure my project works properly I had to open up a command window and go all the way to my project to run the build. This became frustrating and I looked at the "Windows Power Toys' and noticed that "Open Command Window Here" wouldn't work on Vista.

I accidentally was holding the shift key and also clicked the right mouse button, and viola magic happened. I was able to see the "Open Command Window Here" menu option with no additional downloads required.

Just click on this menu item and keep working. Isn't it neat. One nice thing about Vista.

P.S: I googled the same and found many had already blogged about the same as well. :)


  1. Cool!
    I have been looking for this feature for a long time.

    A also tried Power toys, but it doesn't work for Vista...


  2. Yes, I was using it everyday on my XP, and didn't like typing several commands to open the command window where I needed it.