Monday, April 11, 2011

Continuous Integration in .NET - Book Review

Title: Continuous Integration in .NET


Publisher: Manning 

Rating:  Five stars all around!
The book is well written. The authors have gathered so much information in this book that it will help those of you who want to use CI. I'd heartily recommend this book for anyone making the transition to Continuous Integration in the .NET world.

It is simple to rate this book: every .NET team not using Continuous Integration should own and read this book!

I have been using CI in my own team, and have also been assisting several clients in setting up CI. Over the past several years, I have seen many teams using CI just to compile their code. If your team is doing just that, than this is the book you need to read and follow. All CI concepts are illustrated with examples. The authors use a large number of diagrams, tables, and code snippets with detailed explanations.

Note: This was also the first technical book which I read on my Kindle, and the rendering of the diagrams, tables, code snippets was just great.

Target Audience:
The target audience for this book is the entire .NET development team. For a beginner trying to understand Continuous Integration, for a Tester who wants the system to be in a working state before and after integration, and the Manager who want to reduce risks, this book will give a solid foundation of CI and its concepts. It is for all kinds of .NET developers: Beginners, Intermediate as well as Experienced CI users.

Tools Covered:
The authors cover several tools required for setting up a successful CI system, and the book has working examples to setup and use each of the tools listed below. The list below itself makes this book an important part of every .NET developer's arsenal.

1.     CI Servers
  • CruiseControl.NET
  • TeamCity
  • Team Foundation Server 2010
2.      Build Automation Tools
  • Nant
  • MSBuild

3.     Unit Testing Frameworks
  • NUnit
  • Microsoft unit testing framework

4.     Test Coverage
  •  PartCover
5.     UI Testing Frameworks
  • White
  • Silverlight
  • Selenium
6.     Acceptance Testing Frameworks
  •  FitNesse
7.     Code Analysis Tools
  •  FxCop
  • StyleCop
  • NDepend