Saturday, October 13, 2018

Speaking at DevOps World | Jenkins World Nice, France October 24th 2018

To make oneself aware of what you are getting into, you are asked to read the terms, conditions, restrictions, etc etc of any document, email so you don't miss the fine print. I was caught in one such email where I missed reading the fine print. Lucky me, I didn't get into trouble for not reading the fine print, but hit a jack pot. Yes, super excited now that I will be speaking at the DevOps World | Jenkins World in Nice, France. When I saw the email asking if anyone was willing to speak about DevSecOps at Jenkins World, I obviously thought it was the one being hosted in San Francisco which I was attending and happily said YES. My colleagues on IM started asking me "Hey Meera, you are going to Nice?" I was like what Nice, and realized I hadn't read the fine print and had volunteered to speak at a place where many would love to go. If you know me, you know I don't like to travel. But, hey I should be excited right? I am going to Nice, France. Long story short, the topic I am speaking is "Application Security Testing Made Easy with Jenkins Shared Libraries" October 24th 2018. If you are coming to France, join me. hashtagdevops hashtagcybersecurity hashtagjenkins hashtagsecuritytestingmadeeasy