Friday, October 10, 2008

Maven: The Definitive Guide--New from O'Reilly

For those of you who are interested in learning and using Maven as your build tool, O'Reilly has just released a book called "Maven: The Definitive Guide".

To quote from the email I received:

For too long, developers have worked on disorganized application projects, where every part seemed to have its own build system, and no common repository existed for information about the state of the project. Now there's help. The long-awaited official documentation to Maven is here.

Maven: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly, US $34.99) serves as both an introduction and a comprehensive reference for Apache Maven, the tool that will transform the way an organization builds and manages application development. Written by members of Sonatype's engineering team—including Jason van Zyl, the creator of the Maven central repository—the book explains why Maven is replacing Ant as the tool of choice, not just for open source Java projects, but for applications in many other languages, including Scala, Ruby, and Groovy. The book also provides the first in-depth overview of Maven 2.

The first half of this book introduces Maven by example, with a series of real-world, multi-module applications that can be used as templates. The second half serves as a reference to a wide range of topics, teaching readers how to:

* Get started with Maven
* Understand the Project Object Model (POM)
* Integrate Maven with Eclipse
* Master advanced dependency management
* Use the Nexus repository manager
* Integrate Maven with Spring and Hibernate
* Write and use Maven plugins
* Generate a project website
* Customize a build with properties
* Use build profiles and profile activation
* Create and use Maven assemblies
* Develop with Maven archetypes

I did try learning Maven several times, and each time got lost in the POM. It sounds like this book is for people like me, but I already have quite a few books in my list. And with this one for me to review, I sure will have to try all the examples, and there isn't just enough time right now.

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