Friday, May 9, 2008

Java Power Tools Finally Arrived

I came home today after work, exhausted sitting in the traffic for almost 2 hours. Opened the door, and to my surprise, I saw the Java Power Tools book waiting for me to be opened. The book is indeed heavy with almost 900 pages. This was one of the books I was waiting to read and review so badly.

I had interviewed John Ferguson Smart a long time back for Javalobby. From the day I did this interview, I was so enthusiastically waiting to read the book. I did glance over a few of the chapters, it is just unbelievable. With 30 tools being covered in this book, I will have to review this book in two parts.

I should mention that I did read the foreword first, since it is written by Andrew Glover, President of Stelligent. And that's where I work. :)

If you are writing software using Java, you should without a doubt get this book.

Stay tuned for the detailed review at Javalobby.


  1. Hi-where did you order this book from ? Apparently this is not available yet in Bangalore stores like Gangaram's ?

  2. I am in the US and received a free copy to review for Javalobby.

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