Friday, August 8, 2008

Spring's so Groovy

Just yesterday, I wrote an article at about how easy it was to use Groovy within Spring. I was reading the book "Spring Recipes - A Problem-Solution Approach", and the last chapter is about "Scripting in Spring".

I wrote a simple "HelloWorldService" in Eclipse IDE following the samples provided by this book. Trust me, it was so easy.

In this tutorial written at testearly, you will learn how to use Groovy with Spring, using an external script source file, how to refresh changes when a script source file is changed, and finally see an inline script which was embedded within the Spring configuration file.

Have you used Spring and Groovy? If so, do you mind sharing your thoughts?

P.S: Stay tuned for a detailed review of the book "Spring Recipes - A Problem-Solution Approach" at Javalobby.

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