Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spring 2.5 books from Apress

Apress has released three very interesting titles on Spring 2.5.

1. Spring Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

I read and reviewed this book for Javalobby, and gave it 5 stars for all the categories.

2. Pro Spring 2.5

I might start reading this soon..

3. Pro Java™ EE Spring Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies Implementing Java EE Patterns with the Spring Framework

I am reading this book currently, and didn't find anything new which I didn't otherwise know about the Java EE design patterns. Haven't tried working on the code samples either.

If you are using or planning to use Spring, than you definitely need 1 and either 2 or 3.


  1. I think the 3rd book is not about telling you about Java EE patterns, its about how you can use Spring Framework to right code/design application following the best practices outlined by Java EE patterns. Also Spring framework has its own object design best practices. So its a different approach to implementing the Java EE patterns

  2. I know. Here is an excerpt from the intro of this book:
    This book combines the Java EE design patterns with the Spring Framework. The Java
    EEdesign pattern catalog provides an invaluable reference for any Java EE application
    design and architecture. The Spring Framework, on the other hand, is the de facto stan-
    dard for Java EE. Spring, with its inherently simple programming model and emphasis on
    object design best practices, has helped revive and increase the adoption of the Java EE
    Ihave been using the Spring Framework in combination with design patterns to
    build Java EE applications for a long time now. This book is an effort to document a cata-
    log of frequently used design strategies with the Spring Framework, which is relevant in
    the context of the latest Java 5 EE specifications. I am sure this book will be a reference
    for designers and developers who are interested in building enterprise applications with
    Java EE and the Spring Framework.

  3. i think the 3rd book is stupid. the philosophy of spring is about using POJO. spring framework came into existence because of the unnecessary complexity introduced by heavy weight j2ee patterns of this book is trying to use these j2ee patterns again in spring without understanding the general principle of spring.. this book is a mistake.

  4. Meera i read all these three books mentioned by you. and i completely disagree with your statement "If you are using or planning to use Spring, than you definitely need 1 AND either 2 or 3. "

    SPRING RECIPES is indeed a very good book and PRO SPRING 2.5 is a MASTERPIECE but the 3rd book Pro java EE spring patterns is a waste of time. Infact it is laughable. possibly author Kayal Dhrubojyoti has not really worked on any spring project and has no idea of what he is writing. i think it is a dishonest attempt either by the author or Apress to sell books with spring name in the title of the book. Infact anyone who does not know spring will be misled by this book So anyone who is planning to study spring should not read this book

  5. Arundati,
    Yes, you can disagree. Not necessary everyone has to like every book, right?

    Appreciate your opinion.

  6. it is not a matter of like or dislike.
    It is a matter of right or wrong. If you have not read Pro JEE patterns spring then i suggest read it. If you have read it then read it again in the light of spring. I am using spring since its inception. and i have forwarded the opinion to Apress as to how they published this book. Such books have serious implications on the beginners who are planning to study spring. it will give them completely incorrect picture of spring. and as the book claims it is for architects it is really laughable. On top of that, on one hand author writes introductory chapter which is really meant for someone who has never worked on j2ee before and then book claims it is for jee architect. this book is a very serious mistake. Author/Apress is just trying to sell the title of spring.

  7. Appreciate your comments and concerns. At this point, I have no time or inclination to read this book.

  8. ok. it is your book review blog. and i think it is a genuine and useful blog for readers that is why i wanted to point out.thx.

  9. Most of the programmers in java community already know your 5 star rated book. Please comment on the second, if you have read it. I am not finding a comprehensive comment on it anywhere And i also googled the third one. It has no as such innovative logic in samples.