Thursday, June 4, 2009

How Did I Lose focus?

I was a master multitasker. Working a full time job, writing blogs, writing articles, reading a lot of books, and writing detailed reviews for all the books I read. To top this all, take care of my family, drive my teenage daughter everywhere, cooking which of course is my hobby. I did all these with great interest and a perfect timing.

However, from the past 7-8 months, not sure what happened everything changed. Not one blog entry for months. Didn't write one article for Javalobby. Wasn't able to finish the two books which came my way. I keep grumbling while cooking. Can barely walk for a few yards because of the foot problem.

Is it because of the hectic travel schedule within the job? Is it because of my persistent foot problem which has become chronic? Is it because I am getting old? Or is it just a temporary phase which everyone goes through? Haven't excercised in almost a year now.

I have no idea. I don't like this phase at all. I really want to get back on track. But, have no idea where to start.

Why am I not able to work effectively as I did earlier?Has this happened to you? How did you get back on track?

I hope I will get back my focus and mutltitasking abilities soon, and be more active within the community.

Wish me luck.


  1. Meera, this happens to me many times. And I don't have children to take care of... So I'd say it's absolutely normal for people deeply involved in technology and passionate about their job.

    The best thing, IMO, is not to worry about it. We are eager to see new posts from you on JavaLobby and elsewhere, but we'd more happy to know you're taking your time and trying to relax a bit.

  2. Fabrizio,
    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. I hope to get back on track and gain my focus back.

    Yes, I need to relax and take a vacation. I haven't taken any vacation since July 2006.

    Moved from one job to another, and lost all the vacation and all the benefits in another. I guess a vacation is long due.

    Appreciate your comments very much. Makes me feel good.

  3. "I haven't taken any vacation since July 2006. "

    Well, this explains *everything*. :-)

  4. Fabrizio,
    A 3 week vacation to India is coming up in September 2009. Eagerly waiting for that trip.

  5. Hi Meera, I'm a reader of your posts, hope you take your time to relax and get back to the road with a lot of great information, posts, book reviews.

    take care :)

  6. Lizzette,
    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. Appreciate it very much.

  7. I am sure you'll be back soon - in full power! - Levent

  8. Thanks, Levent. Hope to get that focus back soon.

  9. Hi Meera,
    This is Praveen here. I am a developer based at Bangaluru. I wanted to know how do you read, understand and learn things.

    Actually, I have been trying to learn Hibernate since 15 days now, but am not able to do that quickly. Its the same with most technologies. What is the methodology you follow??? Read the whole book? Read parts of the book and practice the exercise or how??? Please let me know...

  10. Praveen,
    I read a lot of books. Also, as I read them, I also work on the samples provided. I never copy and paste, I type each sample so it helps me understand each and every thing.

    Hope this helps.

  11. Hi
    Hope you have gotten better and are in better frame of mind . If you did come out of it I certainly would like to know since I may require some of that magic potion too.

    BTW I have seen your articles and they reflect you as meticulous user who actually writes what they have practiced. Thanks for all the effor

  12. Hari,
    Many thanks for your wonderful comments. I came back last month from a fabulous trip to India.
    Yes, I have got all my focus back, and soon will return to writing articles as well.

    I am sorry that you have also started to loose focus. My problem mainly was too much work, and also health issues. I needed the break, and some change.

    Sit back, take a look and your daily activities, make sure you have some time at least an hour for yourself. During that time, read, exercise, listen to music, or do any activity which makes you happy. That's exactly what I am doing now.

    Ok, my comment is becoming like a post now. Sorry about that.

  13. Hi Meera,
    I have 11+ years in the IT industry and have been bragging to myself to be the only lady who is technical at my workplace at 11+ years when everyone shifts to management, atleast in India.
    Offlate, i've been very demotivated and even thought switching to a different profession tutoring piano classes..but now i feel motivated after reading ur blogs...u being technical at 20 + years is great...and i have the urge and need to complete my spring certification exam in another 15 days which I had been postponing 5 times..and also pursue music! Thanks..

  14. Shakthi,
    Good luck with your Spring Certification exam.

    I am glad you didn't switch your profession. I understand how hard it is to stay focused.

  15. i cleared my spring certification last friday with 82%...god what a relief..

  16. I wish you will strike back with full energy after your vacation. Have a great year ahead...

    I need a suggestion for my sister, i hope this is a right place to ask. She is to start her career and provided an option to choose either to work on Java or .Net. You being the pioneer in both the flavors of technology can you please suggest what she should be choosing.

    Thanks in advance..

  17. Thanks so much, Anonymous. Appreciate your comments.
    As far as what language your sister should learn, I having used both Java and .NET technologies, would say let her learn Java.

  18. Thanks for your valuable inputs madam.

    Best regards.

  19. Hi meera,
    I am ganesh kumar form india(delhi),i work with spring (core,spring mvc last 1.5 yrs)and i have already completed scjp1.5 and scwcd1.4 in 2007. i want to take the spring certification, so plz. guide me how to prepare for that.Thanks in advance

  20. Ganesh,
    I haven't taken the certification. I am guessing you have to have used Spring at work to write this exam.

  21. Meera, you are really an inspiration..
    I actually got here from Kalpavriksha blog [was looking from some shlokas and bhajans] and was amazed to see that ur a tech fundu...
    howzz dat!!
    and me cribbing here that apart from Java therez no world outside..
    Yes u r a realy multitasker and true inspiration..
    I gotta start multitasking as all tasks are just plans and i just procastrinate..
    I am Pradeep from Bangalore with around 6yrs in IT..looking for recipes, bhajanns etc etc..
    My dad used to work in Matralayam Mutt as cashier for many years!!

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  23. Naini,
    Thanks for inviting me to write at your website. I will work on some articles and send them.

    Thanks so much.

  24. Namaskara Meera avare,

    I am a software engineer ( 5 yrs experience in USA and MS from USA) now returned to India with 2 little kids. I have about 1 1/2 years of gap in my resume and unable to find work in South B'lore. I have worked on SQL, PLSQL, oracle forms and java. I was planning to update my skills by reading or doing a course in J2EE. In your opinion do you think I can learn this at home, if not, do you know about any institutes in B'lore (instructor led) or online (from US) that teach good J2EE. Thanks so much.
    BTW, I am a devotee of rayaru and came across your very informative blog when I was looking for hayagriva recipe for Madhwa navami last week :-))