Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spring Security 3.0.4

I started using the latest Spring Security 3.0.4 for my current project. Spring Security is being used to secure our REST Services. I didn't find any good tutorials or samples on the web for this latest version.

With a lot of trial and error, I was finally able to get Authetication and Authorization working. Of course, I did read the SpringSecurity.pdf which comes with the download and worked on some samples before implementing the same in my project.

Have you used Spring Security, the latest version? Are there any books which cover this version? I did see "Spring in Action" for this new release. However, it is still in MEAP release.

Share your thoughts. I will write a detailed post of Securing REST with Spring Security.


  1. Meera,

    Thanks for asking! Actually, my recently published book, "Spring Security 3" (Packt Publishing, June 2010, ISBN 1847199747), covers Spring Security 3 in quite a lot of detail, from concepts, through configuration/customization, to integration with other authentication and authorization providers. The book doesn't specifically cover Spring REST, but after you read through the concepts and code developed in the book, I'm sure you'd have no problem using the Spring Security 3 library in any implementation.

    Feel free to check out the book web site at http://www.springsecuritybook.com for more information.

    I believe the recently published / updated version of Spring Recipes by Gary Mak also covers Spring Security 3 in a chapter or two, but I confess that I haven't read his book yet.

    I know that Willie Wheeler's upcoming Spring in Practice book (also in MEAP) has content related to Spring Security 3, as well.

    Hope one or all of these resources helps you!

    Peter (Author)

  2. Peter,
    Thanks so much for the pointer. Is your book available in digital format? I would definitely like to read it. I need to get more information on Spring Security, integrating with REST shouldn't be a problem at all.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hello Meera,

    You're welcome!

    Packt provides an "eBook" (aka PDF) format through their site. Personally, I don't like eBooks ;), but if you'd like one, they do offer it!


  4. Thanks, Peter. I will get the ebook.

  5. Peter,
    I ordered for the print version and also the ebook. I have download the ebook. I will post a review soon on my blog.
    Thanks again.