Tuesday, December 2, 2008

EJB 3.1 - A Brief Look

Just yesterday, the article I wrote on EJB 3.1 - EJB New and Improved! went live on Javalobby. In this article, I examine a few interesting topics being considered in the new and improved version of EJB such as optional Session Bean Business Interfaces, Global JNDI Names, Singleton Session Beans, and the EJB 3.1 Embeddable Container.

The article has generated very interesting discussion from many readers, and there are very good comments as well. Javalobby also posted it as a Spotlight Feature.

I used the latest version of OpenEJB which has support for quite a few features of EJB 3.1 to work out all the samples. I was able to unit test all the samples as well with just a click of the button in Eclipse IDE. Just amazing for how EJB's have come.

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