Monday, August 2, 2010

Doxygen and Python

I had written several articles on Javalobby on a couple other blogs on using Doxygen. You can read the posts with all the links at Javadoc or Doxygen.

I have been using and working on Python the last couple of months. On Friday, I integrated Doxygen with Pyhton on my Ubuntu machine and hence this post to document the details of the same.
  1. Download and install doxygen using the following command:
  • sudo apt-get install doxygen
  • Once installed, run doxygen -g to generate the default configuration file.  I renamed this as Doxyfile.config.

2.Download and install
  • doxypy from

3. Now change to the directory where doxypy is extracted and cd doxypy-0.4.2/run,  
        sudo python install
4. Now, assuming doxygen and doxypy is correctly installed, run the following command:
       doxygen Doxyfile.conf

Once you have the documentation generated, you can publish the results on the Hudson dashboard. See the earlier link to tutorials to do the same.

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  1. that doxypy reference is a stale link... but I found it on the python web page by searching for doxypy