Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Job Opportunities at Cigital

I have seen several emails, and a few comments about how people have been losing jobs, and are unable to find one quickly.The economy is getting worse day by day, and trust me I have seen several people I know who are struggling to find job.

Cigital Inc, a company I have been working at for three years, is rapidly expanding and eager to hire. I am working as a Technical Manager and love what I do for my Job.

So if you have any interest in software security, quality, or product development comment below and I will give you more information about all the opportunities currently available at Cigital. And for all those who love to travel, Cigital has many many opportunities that involve traveling.

Please feel free to forward this announcement to all your fellow software friends and family.

My Company has offices at several locations all across the world. A few are listed below:
In USA at Dulles, VA, New York, NY, San Jose, CA,. In Europe at London, UK, Amsterdam, Paris, France and Geneva, Switzerland area.


  1. Thanks for sharing this nice job opportunity.

    Job Search

  2. Hi Meera, I am quite an avid follower of your blog. My cousin is a Java Developer who is looking for a job. He just graduated from MS course here in US and is on OTP. He would need H1 Sponsorship though. Can you please give me your email id so that I can send you his resume? Thanks so much.

  3. Banu,
    Can you give me your email ID. I will send an email to you. I will not publish the comment, so your email wont be public. :)

  4. hi meera,

    i am Anjana. and I am Pratima,s co sister. hope taht helps as a better introduction:). and we live in Bsoton currently. I am a regular follower of your other blog kalpavriksha kamadhenu.

    though i was not in touch with your blog until recently as i was bust with my newborn.

    And today i came across the post reagrding the job oppurtunities in your company. And i was looking for something for my brother as he is been working in the area of software testing and quality in Bangalore. He is looking for some oppurtunities here in US. please let me know if there is anything available.

  5. Hi Anjana,
    These are available only in the US.