Friday, January 25, 2008

The SpringSource Certification Program Announced

For those of us who have been working on Spring for many years now, we have a wonderful opportunity to take this exam. So, who can write the Exam is a big question since they do have some requirements and they are as follows:
Quote from SpringSource:
Eligible individuals can register to take the Spring Framework Professional certification examination, via the web, at one of over 4500 world-wide testing facilities, and can begin taking the exam on 31 January 2008. A person is eligible for registration if he or she has recently taken the 4-day “CoreSpring” class from SpringSource (or a SpringSource certified training partner in Europe, Africa or the MiddleEast (EMEA)). A person may also be eligible for registration, without attending the 4-day course, if he or she can demonstrate having significantly contributed to the Spring community or can provide a reference to a Spring development effort in which he or she was actively involved. This person is referred to as a “grandfathered” candidate.

I did contact Daryl Heinz Director of Training for SpringSource, Inc. with just one question. Please explain how we can provide a reference to show that we are using Spring in our Development?

Daryl replied back immediately with all the details. We just need to provide the contact information of our Manager so that SpringSource will be able to validate that we indeed have experience using Spring.

You can find all the details about the Certification here:

1. SpringSource Certification Program

I am really excited to take this Exam, how about you?


  1. hi meera,

    the certification looks attractive;

    except that it mandates the 4 day training. If you trained yourself using a book like "SPRING IN ACTION", then the whole certification exercise looks expensive and more TIME than I'd like to.


  2. I have read most all books on Spring, including In Action book. They are really good.

    I think SpringSource wants to make sure that anyone who takes the certification has hands on experience in Spring. And, I like that idea.

  3. I passed the SpringSource professional exam. I got 88%, prepared using the official training slides ,spring in Action and spring framework reference. There was some tricky questions

    1. Hi,

      I am preparign for sprinf certification exam.
      will you please send me the official training slides.

      My email id is :

  4. Congratulations. Awesome. I should make some serious attempts to prepare. I am becoming quite lazy now.

  5. So anyone able to try giving his/her manager's reference to work for this certification? if so let us know, I would love to be spring certified with no cost attached.

  6. I have provided spring source with all the details, I am now waiting on their response - lets hope I get the voucher.

    Other than Spring in Action are there anyother books that I have to look into?

  7. I passed the CoreSpringV3.0 Core Spring 3.0 Certification last week with 86%. Am going to share my experience soon at