Saturday, December 22, 2007

Coming Soon : Wicket in Action By Manning

I came to know about this web framework from one of the comments to my post about J2EE vs .NET by Frank Silbermann. I had never heard about it before. I wasn't very much interested in looking at it either until today. I didn't want to spend anytime on yet another web framework. Do we have any less now, that we needed another one?

As always, I goggled it and found tons of information on Apache's web site. I did like their introduction page where they do list 58 ( believe me I actually counted) web frameworks.

The next thing I did was to find out if Manning or Apress has any upcoming books on this web framework. And, we have "Wicket in Action" coming soon. Hurray.

You can start Reading Wicket in Action today through the Manning Early Access Program(MEAP). Most in Action books of Manning we have done for Javalobby have 5 star ratings in all the categories. So, it will be an interesting book to wait for in 2008.

You can also take a look at Manning's web site to get additional details about this book.
Apress on the other hand, already had a book published in September 2006, called "Pro Wicket". You can get detailed information about this book at Apress web site.
Have you used Wicket?
If yes, would you like to share any tips or tricks?
Have you read Pro Wicket book?


  1. I have read most Manning books. I am a great fan of In Action books.

  2. Earlier we were using plain Servlets/JSP. Now we have started on JSF. We are rewriting a fairly large legacy application. Work is in progress.

    But now some people warn of poor performance of JSF and issues in enterprise scaling. They advise us to move to web4j/wicket/stripes/tapestry/gwt.

    Please advise.

  3. I have tried sample applications using wicket/stripes. But, haven't used either in any enterprise applications.

    So, I really can't advise.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for your reply. Any inputs on the following would be a great help for our current exercise:-
    1. What frameworks are popularly used for Java applications with high user base.
    2. Which application server would be a good choice.
    3. Suitability of JSF for enterprise.