Saturday, December 15, 2007

Interview with Authors of upcoming Java books

I have been writing articles on upcoming Java books on Javalobby.

On December 20th 2007, I interviewed Dave Minter the author of the book" Beginning Spring 2".

Interview: Dave Minter author of Beginning Spring 2

December 17th 2007, I had the opportunity to talk to the authors of "SOA Security" book.

Interview: SOA Security authors Ramarao Kannengati and Prasad Chodavarapu

On October 30th 2007, I interviewed the authors of the upcoming book "JBoss In Action"

An Interview with JBoss in Action authors Javid Jamae and Peter Johnson

Here is a link for the interview with Jeff Friesen, author of the book "Beginning Java SE 6 Platform: From Novice to Professional ".

Coming Soon - Beginning Java SE 6 Platform: From Novice to Professional

On October 10th 2007, I did an article on an upcoming book on NetBeans 6.0. Here is the link:

Apress Publishes New NetBeans 6 Book by Adam Myatt

On October 3rd 2007, it was a book from Manning Publishers.

Manning releases a must have book: Test Driven

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