Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What's your New Year's Resolution : Work Related?

We all make resolutions as soon as the new year is approaching. Most common are losing weight, hit the gym, spend more time with family and so on and so forth.

This year I decided to make 3 resolutions for the coming year 2008 which are work related.
1. Not to use any software after the evaluation period is over
2. Learn something new
3. Give something back to the this wonderful community

I am guilty of just one software which I have been using. The intermittent dialog is the only way I know I haven't purchased the license. I know I am wrong. If developers keep using software without purchasing them, than we will all be out of job in days, right?

Anyway, I will buy the license or install some other open source tool which can replace this one. I did that with one program, the dialog was so annoying, and one of my colleagues suggested IZarc, and it is awesome.

So, what's your resolution for 2008?
Have you made one at all?


  1. What a bold blog you have here and some quite controversial discussions going on. Keep up the blog entries coming.

    My resolution for 2008.
    1. Have at least one Java certification.
    2. Read more Java related books.
    Can't think of a third one.

  2. Get a new job! :-)